Friday, October 8, 2010

so hey...

this is my 2nd post for this month :(

The Beat Breakdown: Young Jeezy - I Got This

This is a new thing i wanna start doing up on this blog, just because im pretty peculiar about this sort of thing haha. basically i post a song, as well as the sample used for this song.
i try to break it down as much as my knowledge would allow me to.
so here's the first of a hopefully a number of this kind of posts,
the Tictac beat breakdown

SONG: Young Jeezy - I Got This

Sample Used: Black Smoke - You needn't worry Now

The Breakdown: So the producer for this Track is up-and-coming producer, and Just Blaze prodigy, Beewirks . There's only a couple of chops from the track that was sequenced for this beat, the same intro was used for the jeezy track, the prechorus at 1:05 for the breakdown of the beat, and ,the main sample that was used for the whole track, the chorus from 1:21.
what i really makes this beat is that main loop that's used throughout most of the track. its one of those samples that even if you loop it, you never get tired of hearing it. and it works well even if it was looped a bunch of times. That is essential when it comes to a simple sequenced beat such as this. The strings from the sample gives this track it's soul, and it perfect for backing up Jeezy's voice. I almost hear it like a harmony between violin and cello. Big ups to Beewirks for cooking up this classic. Now how about we get our hands on TM103 already, no?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

poetic moments: eyes on me

this girl have such beautiful eyes,

they smile along with her smile,
like how i smile upon her sight,
and when her sight catches mine,
i bliss in this fine moment in time
where i get a peek of her mind through the windows to her soul i define as her eyes...

so i say,

this girl have such beautiful eyes,

maybe its the beauty in her views thats perceived in her iris,
through her retinas she gets to see exactly what life is,
colors conceived by the cones
movements captured by the rods,
through her peripherals marvels of surprise,
so everytime she speaks of life,
she's got that sparkle in her eyes...

thats why i say,

this girl have such beautiful eyes,

and i love it when theyre on me,
without words she tells me she cares about what i dare speak,
her glare keep my hairs peaked,
scared in her views i compare weak....
but her glare also kept my mind at peace....
keep my soul in tact....
leave my heart at ease...

and all i wanted to tell her was how,

this girl have such beautiful eyes,

beautiful, brown, smiling eyes...
and how i loved it when they were on me.