Wednesday, September 8, 2010

poetic moments: eyes on me

this girl have such beautiful eyes,

they smile along with her smile,
like how i smile upon her sight,
and when her sight catches mine,
i bliss in this fine moment in time
where i get a peek of her mind through the windows to her soul i define as her eyes...

so i say,

this girl have such beautiful eyes,

maybe its the beauty in her views thats perceived in her iris,
through her retinas she gets to see exactly what life is,
colors conceived by the cones
movements captured by the rods,
through her peripherals marvels of surprise,
so everytime she speaks of life,
she's got that sparkle in her eyes...

thats why i say,

this girl have such beautiful eyes,

and i love it when theyre on me,
without words she tells me she cares about what i dare speak,
her glare keep my hairs peaked,
scared in her views i compare weak....
but her glare also kept my mind at peace....
keep my soul in tact....
leave my heart at ease...

and all i wanted to tell her was how,

this girl have such beautiful eyes,

beautiful, brown, smiling eyes...
and how i loved it when they were on me.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Emilio Rojas x MPhazes x ClaudeZ x Dwayne Collins

i wish i can do something like this in the future
dope music

ps. i wonder if i posted this sometime ago already...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Foreign Exchange - Maybe She'll Dream of Me

this will keep me smiling for a while...
off foreign exchange's new album "authenticity"

click here to download the track