Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's eating you?

things going through my brain right now.

- fuck school, i need me some money now.
- which sample should i flip next?
- to sleep, or not to sleep.
- i need to stop procastinating.
- deadpool is my hero
- Ironman is the jesus of the marvel universe! SERIOUS BUSINESS!
- reh ssim i dna ,iul eisoj deman lrig siht ekil yllaer i
- i feel secure writing on this blog, mainly coz no one's actually reading this shit (:
- crap i need to wake up in 5 hours D:
- i like her, and i like her too, and her.... and her :/
- i sure hope it wasn't my fault they took a "break", i mean... i did say i wasn't hating or anything...
- i sure do miss working at the zoo :/
- i wanna do sheesha o______o
- i feel bad.... i did something bad regarding someone on facebook =X
- that picture is freakkin bodd!!
- kathie pham is my future wifey when i move to become a successful disney cartoonist in california =D
- and cathy nguyen will be my secret mistress :)
- i wanna beat up my ex-neighbor... just coz he looks effin gay.
- one whole month... *sigh*
- its ironic how im looking forward to the start of the '09 school year
- i need a new ipod :/
- i want a PSP
- i wish i'd get a chance to say goodbye before she leaves :/
- bet i wont even cross her mind while she's gone.
- im too emo
- if youre a dude, the previous entry does not apply to you....
- im gonna go sleep.

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