Monday, November 9, 2009

How to break a man

take away his eyes
no, that'll only make him listen, make him feel past his environment,
make him overlook the horizon and discover what's beyond it,
his mind will intensify, his remaining senses inclining, and and he will see with no eyes.
put a brick wall in front of his blind sight he will work his way around it, over it, or under it,
and he will not break

take away his ears
no that'll make him see with no discrimination,
the world turning revolving and evolving in his position,
he will observe, absorb, and understand with a limitless mind.
he will hear no evil nor good, leaving his limits behind flying over the neutral grounds of wisdom,
and he will not break

take away his strength?
no no for his mind will just grow more powerful beyond its limits,
his intellect will just compensate and work its way through the laws physics,
arithmetic punches and verbal lashings that could destroy a person in pieces, and
he will think and create and destroy soley through his intellect reaching beyond the high infinities of gods
and he will not break

take away his mind
no, for he will only live the simple life of ignorant bliss,
his own stupidity nurturing him from the world's cruel abyss,
his soul maintained in the innocence of morality unaware of mortality his brain will just gain back it's loss of knowledge and
he will not break

so how do you break a man?

you break his heart
the heart that lets him see beyond sight, makes him listen beyond sound, keeps him strong beyond limit, makes him think beyond knowledge.

you take away his heart's passion, the greatest thing his mind, soul and body revolves in,
the definition of his humanity and crush it right between his watered eyes,
and he will not dare seek anything ever again.
and you break his fucking heart

leave him stranded alone in an ocean created by hope with nothing but the company of loneliness,
its soulless whisper of misery will be the only sound he will hear,
and he will wish he could rip his own ears out,
and you break his fucking heart

push him and leave him falling in the bottomless pits of hopeless love, craving for that one hand that could save him from his fate, and he will be weak and pathetic.
his strength will be no avail and its uselessness will only cause him to generate more hate.
and you break his fucking heart

cage him in the darkness alone with the monster called his mind,
and it will chew him alive with the jaws of self-hate and regret, his every second filled with the visions of the past with no love to keep him warm in the coldness of memory.
and you break his fucking heart

how do you break a man
... you break him while falling in love



  1. dude, thats deep...

    you wrote this?

  2. yo im really feelin this.. i should show you a few of my words