Monday, May 10, 2010

Philippines, i pray for you..

I hate politics. It's corrupt, it's shallow, it's something i usually do not give a shit about.
But ive always had my say about it, so im stepping out of my comfort zone to speak up about an issue that has taunted me for some time now.
this post is dedicated to the Philippines.
We are talking about a country that has been deprived of its full potential,
and has not seen better days for more than a decade now.
Right now they are having their national elections for their president,
and who do they have as their leading candidates?
the no.1 spot is held by a former senator who only has his parent's last name as his credibility.
the no.2 spot is held by a former president who was convicted of his corruption just less than a decade ago.
i read a blogpost from a hiphop artist from there that i admire a lot for his word's worth. you can read his post here. this was my reply:
right on the dot!
and im looking at our country's elections from distant eyes. although i dont live there anymore, but this way i can see the country in a bigger perspective. and you are exactly right about what we might see during noynoy's term. even during his senatorial days, he has no outstanding accomplishments or whatsoever. so, what can he do once he takes his seat at malacanang? he will do absolutely nothing, than to do what the people who put him where he's at tells him to do. i honestly dont see bright future with him in the presidential seat. i was rooting for gordon. his mindset is exactly what the country needs for an uprise.
"bawal ang tamad, bawal ang tanga. kung hindi ka magtrabaho, hindi ka kakain." plain, simple, straight to the point. just see where he placed olonggopo during his days there, he made it into an industrial power.
the philippines deserves to have a leader it deserves, but with the mindset it uses to choose her leaders, i think she's too blind to find that leader.

So with this Im leaving this topic with a prayer for the philippines. I pray that the leader they choose, is not the leader i fear they have. I pray that they finally get the president the country has been aching to have, one that will LEAD them away from the ashes, and rise up.

i doubt that though...

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