Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hello World

oh hai tharr(:
so i decided to make a blog,
for the 2 or less people that actually care about whatever i think,
here im gonna be posting whatever i want,
whenever i want,
and however i want ;)
that's creativity for you baby.
so for my first post ever,
ill be posting an exclusive beat that i made
(just click on the zshare link below)
and thus Tictac Talks and Thoughts is born.
im off to life, ttyl

Tictac Productions - Got to Survive '09


  1. oh hai thurr!
    am i one of the people that
    you wanted to make a vibe for? ;D
    aww, cutesies. write more thoughts
    and feelings.. and stuff.

    kthanksbai. :) <3