Sunday, April 26, 2009

over nine thoouuussaaaannndddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please dont ever reffer to me as such:
  1. Hipster
  • why?
  • because i dont wear the skinny jeans
  • i dont like to listen to suburban kids trying to act high class
  • i dont think im better than other people coz i think im a rather "fashionable" person
  • i dont have a beard
  • i dont wear brightly colored rimmed sun glasses
  • as much as i love vans, the only reason i wear them is because they are uberly comfortable and cheap.
  • i dont like listening to surburban middle to higher class kids and their so-called "hipster music"
  • american apparel bores me
  • retail in general bores me
  • fashion makes me uncomfortable
2. Hypbeast/Sneaker Pimp
  • why?
  • because i dont wear hyped up shit
  • i only have limited amount of shirts
  • my shoes dont cost more than $70
  • i think jordans are overrated
  • i am stupid when it comes to sneakers
  • i know what YOUR shirt means based on my OWN knowledge regarding it
  • i.e. "No such things as halfway crooks"... if you have a shirt that has that quote, and doesnt know shit about its history,.... im reffering to you
  • "swag" is a word i hate with a passion
  • YOUR swag... aint worth shit
  • i can back my talk with talent, so in a way, if i do dress like a hypebeast, its not that i belong to the same category as them, i belong in the category the are hyping about.
  • i dont think lil wayne is the best rapper alive

so why do i refuse to be labeled as these things?
ive got way better things to do than to waste time on whatever hypebeasts and hipsters are focused at.


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