Wednesday, June 24, 2009

back to the lyrics

so as a way to deal with boredom,
once in a while i pull out my ipod and write a nice 16 bar,
just in case i feel like rapping over something.
check this one i pulled out of boredom on the subway the other day

ill spit it and i leave it, whatever my stress is on/
what else is on, autobot to these decepticons/
im the "pro" that dissect these "cons"/
i dont just spit on a beat, i rep the song//
im not the type to have these matrimonial dreams/
time spent better thinking diabolical schemes/
coz the harder it seems the darker it brings/
doesnt matter how i build it, it just rapidly sinks//
gravitiy stinks, "knocks you down", no keri hilson/
but "im draining all my energy", to a point where its depressin/
----rhymestyles remains stupid/
if youre "better" than me, then dummy just prove it//
i spark the inertia that's starting the movement/
im done dealing failure, ima start improving/
my heart included/ need more passion for rappin/
as these trash bastards are nothin, im vastly past them//
why wait for "change" i pay it "full price"/
can't "afford" to lose- time i weight it and pull down/
plainly rude now, throwing rocks at the throan/
and when the "king" bleeds, lick a headshot to his dome////

how's that?
mahn im getting rusty...

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