Monday, June 1, 2009

just thoughts....

i find the phenomena of "catching feelings" rather silly,...
and it's stupid, and pathetic,
and soo fucking...bittersweet.
the fact about guys, as much as they are surrounded by girls during the course of the day, there's that one girl that they think of before they go to sleep at night.
that's what doing a barrel roll in my head.
not to boost or anything, but i have no trouble in girls or anything of that sort.
though,not that i'm a player or anything...(or am i? ;]), i take pride of my confidence when it comes to girls.
but how is it that there's just this one in particular that gets me tongue twisted,
where i just catch myself looking at her for a few moments, until i realize..dammit.
and i just subconciously work my way around her, and i catch myself doing just that.
and not doing anything about it.
this is a bad place, where i'm at right now.
its pretty lame i guess,
infatuation maybe? workplace crush?
silly'll pass.

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