Sunday, June 14, 2009

talks and thoughts

(just HAD to post another pic of her... omg she's such a cutiee xD)

soo........this blog has been forsaken for a while...
mainly coz i get sort of discouraged of the the fact that..
no one actually goes here haha
so if the person reading this,
isn't me,
well then.... seriously?
youre reading this???
i effing love youu =D
so life's been pretty hectic lately,
this weekend was just filled with total physical and mental raping,
smashed-hangover+work-eat-sleep-shit-eat-work ahaha
...totally not funny o_o
but on the brightside,
the tracklist is set,
just waiting to hookup with my homie angelo (shoutouts to him!) and get the photoshoot for the front cover done, (and all the photoshop tingz, etc..)
and it is a rap!! im telling you guys, this beat tape is beautiful imho,
its like listening to an angel's queef ahahahaha real talks. so look out for that.
so far i got 15 beats for your ears to bang on to,
but given the amount of samples ive been digging lately, it'll grow in number.
but know for sure i got 15 on that. so yea,... RAPPERS GET AT ME!
i work very cheap. (you work cheap if you know youre starving haha)
with that, i leave with this online stream of one of the beat tape premieres.
really proud of this one, so bang on it til your ears go bad on it.

The Comeback - Tictac

and yea, man. we got big tings going on.
to quote mos def, these are days of marvelous times and there's no better time to live other than now. summer's young, and we're doin it fresh and fly.
other than the fact that im broke as fuck, this season is carving out to be an epic one.
got school, got shit to do, got more shit to do.
unknown things in the horizon,
zombie apocalypse,
BIGG TINGZ!! and with these thoughts i leave you with,
i leave you with
peace, and much love!
(i know i'm biting lupe, but fuck you,... its my blog and ill say whatever i want)



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