Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creepypasta for Torontonians

If you ever find yourself in the northern area in the City of Toronto,
there is a certain transit bus you can take during the twilight hours, but you can only wait for it at one particular bus stop. Nobody knows which bus stop it is, as it changes from time to time. The only way to know is that you will find a piece of paper posted on inside the waiting shed, with nothing but the words,"please wait for it..." written in bold red print. This is where you decide whether you should wait in that bus stop, or walk away from it, catch the bus you wanted to take from another stop, and carry on with life as you are supposed to live it. You may now stop reading this, and move along with whatever it is you were doing.

No? I'm guessing you're one of those people who always feels the need to know what would happen.
such curiosity could kill at times... so we carry on with this ritual.

Wait in the bus stop for a few minutes, it will not take any longer than 5 to 10 minutes,
and it will be the only bus that will arrive in that stop. So you don't have to worry about figuring which bus is it, or if you might have taken the wrong one. But if you still would like to know, the Bus will look no different than the buses you are used to taking, it's one of those old buses from the 1970's. But the look of the bus isn't really necessary. You go in and pay your fare. If you need a Bus transfer, you can go ahead and ask for one from the bus driver. It is adviced that you do.
No matter how you talk to him, the bus driver will only have an emotionless, almost dead-like expression in his face. He will not speak either. You will only waste your time trying to distract him from his job.
Now once you go in, the Bus will be empty, except for one passenger. You will see what seems to be an average girl, sitting in the back all alone. She will be sitting at an angle where you cant see her facial features.
Once you pay your fare, go ahead and take your seat, you can sit wherever pleases you. The bus will start moving once again. After some time, the girl sitting in the bus will change seats, and she will sit directly in front of you.
the moment she takes her seat, you will hear everything go quiet. almost a deafening silence will surround you. And you will see the Girl sitting in front of you show her visage.
But you will find no eyes, no brows, no nose, no lips, no mouth, no ears. She has no face... for now.
Do not panic. Do not Scream. Do not leave try to leave the Bus at that moment.
You do not wanna anger what is sitting in front of you.
You can only ask her one of two questions,
the first question will be able to ask her is:
"Where are we going?"
upon saying this, she will ring for the bus to stop.
Once the bus stops, you can leave and you will be back at the bus stop where you got picked up.
the other question is:
"Who are we going to see?"
The moment you ask that question, the skin in her face will begin to shift around,and it will form a face quite familiar to you. You will see your own face in hers, only it will be different. It depends on the person. For some, the faces they will see will be of them much more older, for others a little older, others there will be no difference at all. There's also a difference in the expression she will make. For some an expression of peace, others perhaps fear, or shock
Whatever face she makes for you, you are to remember it by heart, for it will mean more to you in the future. This face of hers will stay the same throughout the rest of the ride.
Once her face is completely transformed, the bus will stop. She will leave the bus and are to follow her. She will take you to a place that is both familiar, yet unknown to you. You must remember each step you take, as you will have to retrace them later on once your journey is complete.
She will take you to a place, where you will find your future self. Wherever, or whenever, she takes you it will be the exact place, moment, and time of your death. And you will watch yourself live the last hour of your life. But no matter how you die, you cannot prevent it. You are there just to watch, and take in everything that is happening.
Now at your last breath, you will see your face as death strikes it. It will be the face the girl showed you during the Bus ride. After seeing this, you will see the girl's face will be gone again, as she turns around and walks away from you. Do not follow her. For no one knows, what happens if you do.
Retrace your way towards the bus stop you got off earlier. And wait for the Bus that comes,
Use the transfer you acquired from the last bus, and then get off at the next stop. It will be the first bus stop you waited at earlier. You will again find the note posted on the waiting shed, but instead, written on it in bold red is a date, it will be the exact date of your death.

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